Supervised Visits


Helping to bring families together.

Our supervised visitation program provides a trained monitor to oversee visits or exchanges for families that are court-ordered or otherwise need supervision with their children.

Families are sometimes challenged by issues of divorce or custody.  Unfortunately, children can be caught in the middle. Children have a right to experience a safe, quiet and peaceful visit or exchange between parents, or those designated by the court, to be involved in the exchange of the child or children. It is the mission of the Andrews House Supervised Visitation program to provide a safe haven for children during parental visitation or exchanges.

Andrews House offers a comfortable, family-room environment supplied with age-appropriate games, videos, books and other activities that parents and their children can do together. A trained monitor ensures the visits run smoothly.

For further information about this program, download the application packet or call the office. A completed application packet must be submitted by both the custodial and non-custodial parties before the case will be considered for acceptance into our program.

Click below to download an application packet:

Current SV Application Packet