The Getting Ahead program is an 8.5-week (17-meeting) class for hard-working people who want to make their life better.



Application Deadline: September 1st


During each Getting Ahead class you will:

  • Take a look at your current situation, and the community issues that play a role in your current situation: banking, housing, jobs, transportation
  • You will look at the resources you already have and to learn use these resources to make the life changes you want.
  • You will also learn new concepts and tools, and build new relationships that you can use to make a difference in your own life and that of your community.

If you are:

  • Someone who wants to change your current life circumstances
  • Someone who has tried to change your circumstances on your own and has not had the success they wanted.
  • Someone who is willing to partner with middle-class individuals and organizations
  • Someone who is not in a currently in a crisis situation (homeless, substance abuse, mental health)

AND are:

  • Able to commit to attending all 17 classes of an 8-week program.
  • Willing to follow the group rules that you help create.
  • Willing to participate in the nightly workshop activities
  • Willing to complete all activities in the Getting Ahead workbook

Then: Getting Ahead might be for you.

Twelve to Fifteen people that apply for the program will be selected to participate during each 8 week session. If you are selected (after an application & interview process) to join the Getting Ahead class, the following will be provided to help you attend all 17 classes:

  • Childcare
  • Transportation to and from the workshop
  • A hot meal before each class
  • A $25 gift card to Meijer or Kroger at the completion of each class.

If you are interested and ready to change your life, go to: to get more information about the Getting Ahead Program or call Andrew’s House at 740-369-4520.